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Glossary creation

ABBYY Language Services also offers glossary creation for clients who need a lot of translation and want to ensure some level of consistency in the terminology and style of their translations.  

Why create a glossary?

Large amounts of documents that circulate in companies, especially in multinational ones, require accuracy and consistency in use of terminology, which is essential for effective business communication. The lack of clear terminology leads to misunderstandings both within the company and during interaction with clients.  A thoroughly developed and continuously renewable glossary will be of invaluable assistance to your company.

A glossary will help you:

  • improve the quality of translations by keeping unity in  terminology and style
  • save time and money, because the same texts will not have to be translated twice!
  • reduce risks caused by the human factor, the quality of your translations will not depend on the rotation of translators and translation companies
How are glossaries made and used?

Glossaries are created on the basis of original and translated texts by analysing parallel texts, revealing the most frequently used terms and phrases. Then, using these texts, our editors compile a glossary consisting of terms and their translation, both of which are approved by the client. If necessary, such a glossary can also contain explanations of terms and examples of their usage. Glossaries may contain any elements of the language, from abbreviations to full sentences and paragraphs (slogans and product descriptions, for example).

It can be used by ABBYY Language Services in its work with your documentation, by professional translators of the linguistic support unit in your company as well as regular staff if they need to consult some terminology typical for the company’s usage.

Quality of our product

The high quality of such glossaries is the result of the joint work of qualified specialists of ABBYY Language Services, a team of lexicographers and developers of the renowned ABBYY Lingvo electronic dictionaries, and by using the very latest technologies and software.

Glossaries can be compiled in the following formats:

  • MS Word
  • Excel
  • Text
  • DejaVu
  • Trados
  • Translation Memory Exhange
  • ABBYY Lingvo

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