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ABBYY Language Services offers simultaneous and consecutive interpreting for various events, such as:

  • multinational business meetings
  • contract and other negotiations
  •  hosting tours, sightseeing trips, etc.
  • presentations and conferences
  • press conferences
  • seminars, training events and other educational activities
  • exhibitions or trade shows
  •  equipment installations

In selecting the interpreter we take into consideration any specific requirements that you may have. These criteria include: experience, communication and presentation skills, professionalism, relevant technical, legal or other industry experience, etc.

We recommend that clients using interpreting services provide us with any materials relating to the event in advance. This allows the interpreter to prepare for the occasion, familiarise him- or herself with the subject and identify necessary terminology.

We advise that you contact us at least 7 days before the event so we can ensure a selection of professional interpreters corresponding to your requirements. In other time frames – upon inquiry.

Please contact us for more information concerning interpreting services.