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12.11.2009 ABBYY Releases Efficient Software Solution to Reduce Translation Management Costs

New Professional Linguistic Tool Quickly and Accurately Aligns Parallel Texts in Popular Languages and Creates Translation Memory Databases

Moscow, Russia (November 12, 2009) ABBYY, a leading provider of document recognition, data capture and linguistic software, today announced the availability of ABBYY Aligner, its new professional tool for aligning parallel texts in various languages and creating Translation Memory (TM) databases. Based on ABBYY’s foremost linguistic technologies and special dictionary databases, the program accurately finds matching segments in the source and translated texts by checking their semantic proximity and allows saving the results in the TM database for further use in Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools. It helps to reduce costs yet increase the quality of translation services. This makes ABBYY Aligner a reliable and indispensable assistant for translators, language service providers, corporate users and specialists involved in translation management.

“As a technology company specializing in linguistic software, ABBYY is focused on streamlining and improving the quality of translation processes,” explained Alexander Rylov, Director of Linguistic Products Department at ABBYY. “With 20 years of experience in developing linguistic technologies, we can now offer a truly professional and intelligent solution which will be highly appreciated by those who provide or use linguistic services.”

“More and more of our customers prefer to use their previously translated materials by creating TM databases. This considerably saves time and effort when making new translations and results in cutting costs and completion terms of the requested task,” noted ABBYY Language Services CEO Ivan Smolnikov. “ABBYY Aligner enables quick and easy creation of quality TM databases making translators’ work more productive and efficient.”

ABBYY Aligner delivers a range of useful and powerful features to ensure quick and efficient work with parallel texts including easy-to-use editing tools and the batch processing mode for large amounts of documents (up to 10 MB each). ABBYY Aligner contains a fully embedded database of rules for splitting text into sentences that can be extended with the user’s own list of abbreviations. After aligning parallel texts, the program highlights possible errors — such as text segments with low match probability and rows with empty cells and spelling mistakes — enabling quick checking of the results. Its editing capabilities also include splitting, merging and moving text segments, as well as manual segment matching.

The application aligns texts in 10 popular European languages (English, German, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Ukrainian) with support for 90 translation directions. The resulting texts can be saved either in RTF or TMX format which are international standards supported by virtually any CAT tools. ABBYY Aligner opens files in TXT, RTF, PDF, HTML and documents created in popular Microsoft® Office applications (DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, XLS and XLSX). It also supports pasting text from the Clipboard.

06.10.2009 Day of Russian Economy

Day of Russian economy, that took place in Mannheim on September 30, 2009 raised enormous interest and attracted a large number of German enterprises. More than 150 people attended the event, including representatives of companies that have already established a business in Russia as well as those, who are considering such a move..

The topics of discussion covered a wide range of subjects: from the strategies of German companies in Russia in times of crisis to case studies of specific companies, which shared their experience of working in Russia. 14 speakers contributed to making the event informative, lively and interesting. The main ideas that were voiced by the majority of participants were that Russia is a very important strategic partner for Germany; that despite the crisis the Russian economy is offering good potential for developing business and that it is a good time to make use of the existing opportunities.

All the experts agreed that personal business relationships in Russia are of pivotal importance and that launching business means inevitably tackling the language barrier. According to statistics only about 5% of the Russian population speak English, so Russian is definitely a must when considering business opportunities in this region.

ABBYY Language Services have their head office in Moscow and are renowned experts in translations from and into Russian. We offer a whole range of services from express translation of correspondence to full localization of any product you would like to introduce to the Russian market. Notarization of the translations of your document packages is a vital service when preparing for a company’s registration. During your visits we would be happy to provide you with an interpreter, who can accompany you during negotiations, tours through Russian cities, etc. ABBYY Language Services is here to facilitate your business in Russia!

11.09.2009 The Bigmir)net portal now hosts online professional translation services of ABBYY Language Services

ABBYY Language Services announces the beginning of cooperation with the Bigmir)net portal. Now Bigmir)net users can make use of services of real-time professional translation of texts at http://perevod.bigmir.net/prof.

With this service, users can obtain instant free costing and timing of the translation, place an order and pay for it directly on the website. You can order a translation of any volume and subject area, with the translation of a small text taking only a few hours. There is no minimum order charge for the service, which is especially important when translating small texts.

The text is processed immediately after the order is paid for, and the time of translation is determined only by the translator’s speed. The work of the online service is supported by about 400 professional translators, and translation into more than 40 European and Oriental languages is available.

About the Bigmir)net portal

Bigmir)net is a major Ukrainian portal combining sections for communication, entertainment, and a variety of offers and news. Bigmir)net consists of more than 30 constantly updated services such as news, mail, weather, photo albums, introduction service, fun, videos, horoscopes, shopping, finance, auctions, jobs, mobile, TV, etc. The unique monthly audience is more than 2.5 million people.

07.09.2009 Attention! Relocation of ABBYY Language Services on September, 7th!

Dear customers, partners and employees!

The Moscow office of ABBYY Language Services is relocating on the 7th of September. The new address is: 2B, building 6, Otradnaya street, Moscow (5-minute walk from metro station Otradnoe).

Please, find the location map of the new office here:

Our contact numbers remain the same: Tel.: +7(495)7835916, fax: +7(495)7832663 – marked «for Perevedem.ru».

Our mailing address has not changed: 129301 Moscow, 45 POB, Perevedem.ru

Looking forward to meeting you in our new office!

08.06.2009 ABBYY Language Services joins the Eastern German Economy Committee

ABBYY Europe GmbH Company (ABBYY Language Services is part of ABBYY Europe GmbH) has become a member of the Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations (Ost-Ausschuss der Deutschen Wirtschaft www.ost-ausschuss.de).

The Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations is a joint organisation of the leading associations representing Germany business. Members of the Eastern German Economy Committee include German companies represented in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, South-East Europe, the Baltic States, in the Caucasus and in Central Asia. The Eastern Committee sees its objective as lying in the development of economic relations between Germany and these regions by organizing seminars and visits of delegations, and also by giving information about the state of the markets in these countries.

ABBYY Language Services can help German companies establish contacts and enter Eastern European markets (primarily those of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus), and assist Russian companies in entering the German market. ABBYY Language Services gives full linguistic support when establishing contacts with foreign partners, during business negotiations, opening representative offices abroad, etc. When you speak with foreign partners, it is very important to speak the language they understand and take into account their mentality. When you address a foreign audience through a company website or hold marketing campaigns, it is imperative to allow for the specific features of another culture and business style.

We see our task as stimulating the development of relations between Germany and Russia, so we consider it very important to simplify the communication process between business partners who speak different languages. Rendering information in another language requires consideration of the features of different cultures and ABBYY Language Services has a proven track record in adhering closely to this rule.

28.02.2009 3rd International Europe-Ukraine Forum

On February 25-27, the 3rd International Europe-Ukraine Forum took place at the Ukrainian House in Kiev. It was mainly dedicated to finding ways out of the world financial and economic crisis for Ukraine and its European partners.

Over 400 participants attended the Forum, including Ukrainian government officials, representatives of the European Union and the European Parliament, as well as analysts, business people, and economists. The forum's participants included: Lech Walensa, former Polish president, Donald Jensen, representative of the Center for Transatlantic Relations, Boris Tarasyuk, Chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament's European Integration Committee, and Petro Poroshenko, Parliament deputy, Chairman of the National Bank Supervisory Board.

The Forum's organizers, the International Charitable Foundation "United World" and the Institute for Eastern Studies (Poland), held a tender for the provision of linguistic services for the event at the highest international level. As a result of a long and complex competition, ABBYY Language Services won the tender. The tasks to be performed at the forum included simultaneous interpretation of all presentations into three languages (English, Russian, Ukrainian), consecutive interpretation into four languages (English, Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian), as well as translation of forum reports.

ABBYY Language Services ensured linguistic support of the event to the highest professional standard and proved itself as a reliable partner of the forum's organizers.

The forum took place in several halls working simultaneously, in each of which specific fields were discussed, namely: energy, foreign policy, Ukraine-Russia relations, the economy, financial crisis, etc. Over 80 presenters spoke at the event, and their presentations were simultaneously interpreted into the forum's key languages.

All forum participants were satisfied with our work. Our cooperation and the professionalism of our interpreters and translators provided them with access to all information and ensured their trouble-free participation in all discussions and meetings.

02.01.09 From February ABBYY Language Services works till 1:30 a.m. (10:30 p.m. GMT)!

Dear customers!

For your convenience, from February ABBYY Language Services prolongs its working hours on weekdays till 1:30 a.m. Moscow time (10:30 p.m. GMT)

The extension of the working hours is our step forward to some of our customers, but we hope this innovation will be helpful for the others too.

Many of you finalize your papers late at night, or even after midnight. Now you have the opportunity to contact our manager immediately and order the translation of the document. And not only the night shift managers are ready to take your order or advise you on any matter, but also translators are available at night. Therefore, you can get the translation of a small text right away at night or in the morning when you wake up.

The easiest way for new customers to place an order for a written translation at night is to place an online order on our ABBYY Online website (http://quote.abbyyonline.ru/quote/ru/)

Quotation and turnaround time of the order will be automatically calculated online after the placement. Our manager will contact you if it is necessary.

Our phone number: + 7 (495) 783-59-16; Skype: perevedem.ru perevedem.ru.

E-mail: [email protected]; ICQ:  153258236

We hope this innovation will help you solve linguistic problems far more quickly and efficiently!


31.12.2008. Our services are available during New Year Holidays!

Dear Customers!

For your convenience ABBYY Language Services is ready to provide you with our services during all New Year holidays.

Since January 2, 2009 we will be ready to accept your orders from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m. Moscow Time (GMT + 3 hours) except for January 7 and 10. Since January 11 we will be available at our standard working hours.

The easiest way to get a free quote and place an order during the holidays is to make an online order at ABBYY Online. Automatically calculated price and terms of delivery will be shown to you immediately after placing the order.

If we have any questions, our manager will contact you by phone or e-mail.

Our phone number: + 7 (495) 783-59-16.

Email: [email protected].

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Please, see our greetings at>>.


31.12.08. LISA publishes a research report on the Russian T&L market

LISA (The Localization Industry Standards Association) recently conducted large-scale research about the Russian translation and localization market. It is the first time that such a comprehensive report on the language services industry in Russia has been published.

Language support is one of the key factors for success when entering a new market. More and more international companies want to win Russian customers. To be successful, they must engage Russian language services providers for localization into Russian.

The report, Globalization Services in Russia: Market Assessment and Analysis, is based on interviews and surveys of more than 100 Russian and international companies. In addition to the analysis of the translation and localization market, the research also contains a chapter on language technology.

In the report, ABBYY Language Services (in Russia the company works under the local brand “Perevedem.ru”) is mentioned as one of the 5 largest, most well-known and successful language services providers (out of more than 800 companies existing in Russia).

It is noteworthy that this research was carried out by LISA, one of the leading international organizations in the field of localization.

Learn more about the report >>
Information about LISA >>

14.11.08. TCWorld Conference

ABBYY Language Services participated in the TCWorld Conference 2008 organized by Tekom, a German professional association for technical communication (www.tekom.de). Tekom was established in 1978 in Stuttgart with the aim of creating a professional technical community. It is a platform for exchange of information, ideas and experience. It also promotes training and advanced qualification of its members. A large  number of sessions and workshops were dedicated to latest developments in the translation and localization industry. Some hot issues of discussions were project management, terminology and language technology. As a developer of its own proprietary automated translation management system and provider of such a service as glossary creation it is important for ABBYY Language Services to follow these topics at an international scale.

15.09.08. ABBYY Lingvo x3 professional translation service

ABBYY has announced the release of its brand new Lingvo x3 dictionary. The new ABBYY Lingvo offers extended functionality, combining dictionaries, encyclopedias, and professional translation services in one. On top of some 150 trusted dictionaries and phrasebooks, ABBYY Lingvo x3 now supports word search in Wikipedia and online sources.

A truly unique feature of ABBYY Lingvo x3 is the professional translation service provided by ABBYY Language Services.

Users of the new ABBYY Lingvo x3 can order professional translation and interpretation services directly from the application window.

“The company's priorities have remained without change since day one. A client-oriented company before all else, we always strive to come up with new innovative solutions. The professional translation service offered in the new version of ABBYY Lingvo is yet another step in this direction. Now millions of Lingvo users have a readily available solution to virtually any linguistic need. This functionality will come in handy to everybody in need of quality translations of texts, telephone interpretation, or linguistic support for events of any scope,” says ABBYY Language Services CEO Ivan Smolnikov.

31.08.08. ABBYY Language Services Takes Part in the International Exhibition NEFTEGAS 2008

Neftegas is the largest industrial tradeshow in the oil industry, where leading producers of oil-and-gas-production and processing equipment are represented.

Translation in the subject of oil-and-gas topic is one of our specialities. The present processing base, highly skilled specialists and successful translation experience within the oil-and-gas industry (translation of documentation for construction of the Nord Stream gas pipeline as well as the experience of our operatives who have been involved in projects such as “Sakhalin-1”, the reconstruction of the number of refineries and the construction of the hydrocracking complex) allow us to ensure a top quality of translating and interpreting services on this topic.

For the convenience of exhibitors and visitors of “NEFTEGAS 2008” we organized a service stand where exhibition participants and guests could use our express-translation service at a special exhibition price as well as order interpreting services for negotiations or over-the-phone interpreting. At the Perevedem.ru (Russian name of the company) service stand we could communicate with visitors and exhibitors, advise them on matters of interest to them, educe interest in particular services and understand better the peculiarities of this market.

As experience has shown, such participation of Perevedem.ru is in demand with exhibition participants and that is why a similar practice will be used in future.

02.07.08. ABBYY Language Services Registers Order № 10,000 

This is primarily an indicator of our company’s growth. We estimate that we will be able to execute the following 10,000 orders not in five years, but in less than one.

Is the figure of 10,000 too high? Mount Everest is the highest mountain on the Earth, the height of Mount Everest was determined as 8848 m (29,028 ft). We have our own Everest and its height is determined not by the number of orders completed, rather than by the goals we set ourselves.

From the moment of its creation, the company’s priorities have not altered. We strive to be the most client-oriented company in the translation market, creating and offering new solutions both for corporate and private customers.

  • The automated order processing system makes it possible to estimate the cost of a written translation and pay for orders in the simplest way.
  • You can view the status of your balance in our system on your User Account and corporate customers can form primary documentation on orders executed.
  • ABBYY Language Services now fulfills translation and interpretation projects over an incredibly diverse range of subjects. Subjects are regularly assigned priority status in our company. Key fields of oil and gas, mechanical engineering and law have recently intensified quite considerably and major projects have been fulfilled for such companies as Nord Stream, CLAAS, SIEMENS and BAIN. Translations in ICT (Information & Communications Technology) remain a core competency of the company. Major IT-corporations such as Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and British Telecom are very satisfied with our level of service.

By the end of the year we plan to expand our services with new, unique offers.
Every order provides evidence of the company’s priorities and our customers’ allegiance.   

29.06.08. ABBYY Language Services Takes Part in the Localization World Berlin 2008 Conference

Anna Pospelova, Business Development Manager, visited the Localization World Berlin 2008 Conference.

The international conference takes place in different cities of the world each year, and it is organized by TAUS (Translation Automation User Society) and GALA (Globalization and Localization Association). Main participants include companies providing linguistic services and representatives of lingware departments of major corporations, such as IBM, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Symantec, Oracle, SAP and others.

What are the goals of ABBYY Language Services participation in such an event?

We apply a wide range of advanced technologies in translation activity, ensuring a high quality of translation and a unity of terminology in a considerable volume of texts and in software localization. To ensure that the quality of our services is always at the very highest level and meets world standards, we have to monitor developments and trends on the world translation services market, the arrival of new technologies, take account of the experience of world leaders in the translation industry and introduce best practices in our company. The objective of the Localization World Conference is to enable market leaders to exchange experience, discuss new technologies and solutions, which improve translation quality and overall operating efficiency.

Moreover, the Conference enables the employees of translation companies to further their own qualification for, within the Conference framework, educational lectures and workshops are held, for example, by representatives of The Localization Institute, GALA and TAUS. Over a three-day period, Anna attended many lectures, workshops and roundtables.

“I enjoyed the international flavor of the Conference very much. You can communicate with your colleagues from Japan, Iceland, Argentina, and other countries. Although many companies participating in the Conference are competitors, the atmosphere was very friendly”.

The Localization World Conference proved to be useful for our company: it has helped us to understand trends in the translation market better and share our experience with representatives of companies from around the world.