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SAP is the world's leading supplier of software solutions for business management. SAP industry solutions effectively support unique business processes in over 25 industries, including hi-tech, healthcare, retail, finance, the public sector, and countless others.

Task: The Russian office of SAP requires high-quality translation and editing services for its marketing texts. Translation of marketing texts is a complex task, as it requires both thorough understanding of the subject and localization of texts in accordance with the corporate culture, standards and style, as well as their adaptation to the specifics of the Russian market.

Solution: SAP invited bids to select a translation service provider. Joint work of professional translators and editors combining linguistic education with many years of experience of IT translation, the ability to form a project team capable of completing projects of any scale within the shortest timeframe, and constant efforts to raise the professional level of all specialists involved in the translation process are some of the decisive factors in the choice made by SAP. Perevedem.ru became SAPs translation services partner and has now established successful cooperation with SAP.

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