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A leading Russian developer of CAD systems.

Objective: complete localization of a help system and documentation of the customer's main software product (2500 pages) into English and German. Customer required a final product ready-to-operate. Besides the translation itself, this required a huge amount of DTP-publishing and engineering work, as well as retaking screenshots.

Solution: the original materials were high-structured documents in Adobe Framemaker format with a lot of cross-references, indexes and pictures. Use of the latest systems for cooperative translation and Translation Memory technologies enabled us to include highly qualified translators who had no previous experience with Framemaker in the project group. The current interface translation of the software product was used as a project dictionary.
The most complex stage of the project was layout and conversion of the translated materials to PDF and CHM user formats. Screenshots of the localized version were retaken at the same time as the system translation. Translated materials and retaken screenshots were turned over to a team of DTP specialists (up to six people at peak times) who replaced old screenshots in the documents with the new ones, tested the correctness of the cross-links and eliminated distortions that arose because of the different text length in the original and in the translation. Moreover, in German version it was necessary to change fonts, because the original fonts didn't include a number of German alphabet symbols.
A help system in CHM format was created in two stages. First, the translated materials were exported from Framemaker format to HTML. The capabilities of Framemaker didn't allow us to obtain the required HTML structure, so on the basis of the customer's materials, the engineers of ABBYY Language Services created a special conversion script. The CHM help system was then compiled from the resulting pages.

Result: with the help of modern technical tools, all of the customer's requirements for the translation layout were successfully met. ABBYY Language Services proved its capacity to carry out the most difficult of multi-language DTP-publishing projects.