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Headquartered in Lichtenstein, HILTI is a leader in the market of professional construction tools.

Task: The constantly updated range of tool models and the changing market situation have necessitated that HILTI employees' qualifications be constantly maintained and raised with the help of training materials. Such materials need to be localized for employees of international offices.
HILTI has decided to localize a package of its training materials for the Russian office. One of the elements in this package is a set of training videos for managers in DVD format.

Solution: The project involved several stages: transcription, voiceover, and localization of the DVD menu. Perevedem.ru specialists began by transcribing all materials for translation, since the original soundtrack was not available in text form.
Then all materials were translated into Russian and the Russian voiceover soundtrack recorded. To ensure top quality and compliance with HILTI training standards and practices, Perevedem.ru regularly consulted the customer throughout the project. The customer decided that the DVD menu had to be fully adapted for Russian-speaking employees in addition to the voiceover.
This resulted in a fully adapted Russian-language DVD with training videos. The audio was recorded by professional voice talents.


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