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IKEA is a world famous supplier of furniture and household furnishings.

The way text is handled at IKEA is special in that all booklets, announcements, flash presentations, video captions, website texts and other materials have to be translated in a single, unique style of IKEA. Multiple items, store departments, titles and activities have to be translated according to a single term base. Moreover, the company's corporate documents are studded with words and expressions you are not likely to find in any dictionary and which may be incomprehensible to a person new to IKEA. For this precise reason, IKEA had previously been unable to work with outside translation companies and freelancers, so that IKEA employees had to translate and adapt all texts for the Russian market on their own.
This is why Perevedem.ru specialists were required to learn to provide translation services of an identical quality and understand all nuances taught to IKEA employees.

At the very outset, Perevedem.ru created and analyzed parallel texts (original vs. translation) previously translated and approved by the client. This immediately revealed a multitude of translation difficulties for a translator or editor who is new to IKEA texts. Then Perevedem.ru sent a senior editor and project manager for short-term training at the IKEA office. The knowledge accumulated in this way was studied and systematized by a special team which came up with a so-called Style Guide for translators and editors. This document systematizes all "IKEA style" knowledge and resolves the problem of stylistic consistency when translating words and expressions peculiar to IKEA. The Style Guide includes a mini glossary of the key terms, lists of departments and goods, and vast style and translation recommendations.

This has saved Perevedem.ru editors the trouble of teaching every new translator from scratch or sending them for training at IKEA, while it now takes IKEA employees much less time to proof our translations.

Are you interested in our style guide creation service? E-mail or call us; we will be happy to provide more details.