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A large energy company specializing in gas pipeline construction.

Task: Translation of a feasibility study of marine gas pipeline construction from Russian into English in the shortest possible time. The quality of translation was very important, as the document package was designed for discussion and analysis by specialists from international expert companies. After approximately a third of the material was translated, there were some major changes in the customers timeframes for the work and we had to reduce the total time by 25%. Thus, we had to translate more than 3500 pages in less than 6 weeks.

Solution: We already had successful experience of translating feasibility studies for various large projects in the oil and gas industry. As a rule, feasibility studies of large international projects include technical details on realization, as well as an environmental impact study. The environmental impact study includes all possible issues, but is relatively perfunctory. In this case, all of these aspects were elaborated so deeply and thoroughly that, e.g., the translation of the part concerning the impact on the fishery demanded not only an environmental specialist, but also narrowly focused specialists with in-depth knowledge of the fishing industry. This is why we had to test even those translators with whom weve been working for many years once again to make sure that they were competent in the narrow subject-area, although we had little time.

The sudden shortening of the deadline could have jeopardized the whole project. But thanks to our experience of working on large, urgent projects, we were able to double the project group in no time and involve specialists in all of the required areas.

Benefits for the customer:

  • Scalable project groups that enable us to meet the customer?s requests with flexibility and high quality.
  • The whole project was carried out by means of our company only, and the customer did not have to resort to other contractors.
  • The translation was completed on time with observance of the customer?s high quality requirements.