Automated order entry

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Automated order entry and processing system

Visitors of ABBYY Online can use our automated order entry and processing system to:
- get an instant quote and turnaround time for a translation
- submit orders and complete payments

The order entry process in the system comprises three consecutive steps.

In step one, the user uploads the text and chooses the translation direction by specifying the source and target language. The system calculates the translation cost based on the number of characters in the text, meaning that only text files of txt, doc, rtf, xls, pdf format and a number of other text formats are suitable for a character count.

In step two, the system will display the translation cost for the uploaded text and turnaround time for various translation types. Depending on specific needs, the client has a choice of different service types: top-quality, business, first draft or express translation. The service types differ in the level of quality and turnaround time.
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In step two, the client can also activate any discounts available or modify the order by adding or removing files, changing the translation direction, etc.

In step three, the client is offered to complete payment. You may choose a currency convenient for you and payment options available for this currency. The system offers payment methods convenient for both private and corporate clients.

Once entered, the order is registered in our internal project management system. The manager assigns translators, editors and other staff members for the project and monitors their work.

For effective order processing and completion we have developed a business process management system that automates the majority of operations and enables quality control at every project stage.
The system saves time otherwise spent on routine operations while making quality control of translations more effective.

Thanks to its instant price quote functionality and availability of numerous payment options (credit card, e-cash, etc.), the online order entry and processing system is an efficient and handy tool for any linguistic task.

If you have any questions about the online system, do not hesitate to contact our managers.