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Management system



Management system 

We use our proprietary information system for managing the company's business processes.
It raises the quality and efficiency of our work, saving time that would be otherwise spent on routine operations. This means we can focus more on quality and first-rate customer service.

Functions of the business process management system:
I.      Streamlines and controls all information flows within the company

Completeness of data is controlled for each project:

  • project manager assigned
  • all project stages identified along with timeframes for each stage
  • service providers assigned for each stage: translators, editors, DTP artists, testers, etc
  • contact details of client representatives responsible for the project entered

All files corresponding to each project stage are stored in a structured form. This means that at each project stage all key project participants, both at the client end and at the ALS end, have full information on the assignment progress and status of each specific task. The client can receive all necessary information at short notice. This minimizes the risk of delays in the project.

II.      Quality control at every project stage

All project stages are predetermined and entered into the management system, with each stage having a formal process flow description. Service providers are assigned to each stage and specific timeframes are set. This minimizes the risk of delays or quality issues at any of the project stages.

III.      Reports and accounting documents

Besides displaying all the necessary information in the client’s personal account, the system generates reports in html, pdf, xls, csv, xml and other formats.

The system displays all the necessary information about the client’s rate package. This is why the cost of any service will be calculated strictly in keeping with the rate negotiated in the service agreement with the client.
At any moment the client can verify the calculation of service costs and get a detailed report on the scope and price of all services included in the project.

Corporate clients receive reports on all services provided in the reporting period in any convenient form and format. So, if you are a corporate client, you will not have to prepare a separate report on services ordered from us for your accounts department. You only need to let us know the required report parameters as well as the preferred report format. We will prepare a special report format for your company, sending you a ready report each time you request it.

IV.      Automation of all routine operations

The management system has enabled us to automate the majority of routine operations involved in any translation project. In this way we save the time and money of our clients.

For clients submitting their orders using our online form, the system performs automatic order processing, cost calculation, and turnaround time estimation. This translates into substantial time savings for our clients with small orders. Meanwhile, our express translation service is the fastest way to get a professional translation there is.

V.      HR management

The management system is fully integrated with a database of all specialists involved in projects (both staff members and freelancers).

We have developed and are using our proprietary system for quality assessment of different specialists. Within this system, all specialists receive a score for the results of each completed assignment. This allows us to enlist only those specialists who can best cope with a specific task (such as translation in a specific field).

VI.      Custom and unique solutions

Our resources enable us to offer custom solutions taking into account the specific needs of our clients. We can provide integration of our services into a corporate website or content management system to support multilingual document management or online projects.

Overall, our management system serves to raise the quality of our services, to match the company's rapid growth and cope with projects of any scope or complexity.