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The modern global environment makes translation a necessity almost for any company that is represented in more than one country. Our company is there to assist you in delivering high-quality content in most languages of the world. Throughout the years of our work we have developed our own translation management system to make customer service:

  • convenient
  • fast
  • flexible

We have also introduced various translation types that would best suit your needs:

The online system for registering your order offered by our company allows you in most cases to obtain an instant quote and turnaround time of your order in just a few clicks.

In case the format of your file does not allow an instant quote online (for example, if it is a scanned document) your quote will be promptly sent out to you via e-mail by one of our managers.

On your personal page you will be able to trace all of your orders and payments, which makes working with us both convenient and transparent.

Top Quality

The right choice when translating business-critical documents, as well as specific, specialised texts, that require accuracy and consistency with standards applicable to the respective field. Translation is performed only by native speakers.

Each translation is subject to compulsory revision and proofreading. At the stage of revision the text is adapted to the relevant standards and rules applicable to the respective national market and subject area. A translation memory (TM) is built up for your translation project ensuring consistency in terminology and style. Above that, we use the TM for various topics which we have accumulated over the years of our work.

Highly-qualified consultants in the corresponding area (for example, telecommunications, IT, electronics, oil and gas, medicine, etc.) are involved in the project.

At the final stage of proofreading the text is corrected for misprints, grammatical mistakes, etc. so that at the end of the process the highest quality product is delivered to the client.

The cost of these top quality services is estimated for each individual project and depends on the complexity of the text and the level of qualification of the consultants/editors engaged in it.

Standard Business

This type of translation is suitable for in-house documents or documents for personal use.

It is performed by professional translators in the relevant field and native speakers in the target language.  The translation undergoes subsequent compulsory editing. Therefore, consistency with the original text is guaranteed. 

Standard business is a budget translation which is good for routine translation of internal documentation.

Online Human

Express translation of small-volume texts performed by a professional translator in an extremely short time immediately after the order is placed and payment has been made. Editing is not provided. Once the translation is complete it is delivered to the client.

Advantages of the service:

  • Instant free quote and possibility of ordering online. The online form allows you to place an order in just a few clicks!
  • Within just a few hours you will have a professional translation returned to your mailbox! The speed of the translation is limited only by the physical capabilities of the translator. Our service provides the fastest translation you can get!
  • Save money! We don’t have a minimum fee. You can order a translation of several words, and will need to pay only for the volume translated.